Featured Writer: Rebecca Lyle

Write or Wrong


Every day, I heard he went to the same bar

telling stories to his friends, stretching far

of how he was the best writer around

of course, he was drunk but not down.

The more he drank, the wilder the story,

he was better than Hemingway, more glory.

He had sailed the seven seas on a yacht,

had the most beautiful women, all bought.

Met with King’s, seen things others only dare

drank the finest wines, best food they could prepare.

Danced to jazz of John Coltrane, drinking champagne

smoking Castro’s Cuban cigars, adoring the fame.

Climbed Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro

with no guide, just a chick named Carol.

Went diving for pearls in Bora Bora with Laura,

skydiving just for fun, see how far he’d soar.

Stephen King and he collaborated on “The Shining”,

but he had given Stephen the ideas, silver lining.

Helped Agatha Christie, John Updike, John Jakes –

Finally passing out it was all I could take.

I went home to contemplate all I had heard-

I kept thinking to myself, this man is absurd. Do a bio

I spent some time on my computer on the net,

there he was, with Stephen King on the set

making the “The Shining”, he did write

and me, I was so wrong.


©  Rebecca Lyle

Rebecca About the Author

My name is Rebecca Lyle and I’ve been writing since the age of twelve. I am sixty-three years old, married, a mother and grandmother. I write poetry, songs, children’s books and am working on a novel. I have been doing poetry readings and am active in helping young poets.

I am currently the President of the Ohio Chapter of Union of poets. For years I wrote for my own pleasure but I am publishing some of my work now.

The first poem I wrote at the age of twelve, my mother sent to a ladies magazine and I won first place. The name of the poem was, “A Ticking of a Clock”, which they published in the journal.

I attended the University of Cincinnati, where I majored in pre-law and took all the English and writing courses offered.

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3 replies

  1. Thank you so very much, I hope you enjoyed it:)


  2. It’s a wonderful story that surprised me. You have such talent! I love your poetry and it’s so kind of you to help young writers. I’m looking forward to your novel.



  1. Featured Writer: Rebecca Lyle – Site Title

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