Spotlight Poet – T. Blackmon, Jr.


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No time to wonder

Even though it was her day; her special day, the day she had hoped for and dreamed about for the better part of her life. Now instead of celebrating, instead of enjoying the joyous celebration of friends and loved ones she was stuck, focused on the actions of a single guest; Him and his plus one.

“Had she made a mistake?” She wondered.

Had it been a mistake to invite him to her wedding; the gesture had seemed so benign at the time. She honestly hadn’t expected him to come; though he did R.S.V.P promptly. She figured that he would think better of it at the last minute. In her mind the thought of him seeing her pledging herself to another man should have been more than he could bear.

Of course they had gone their separate ways some time ago. They had each gone through lovers and relationships and somehow their friendship had remained with the understanding that they just weren’t good together.

So why now was she feeling so odd; watching him dance with her, watching him laugh with her, watching him look at her with those loving brown eyes of his? Why wasn’t she enjoying her day? She had the dress; the perfect dress. She had the rings; sparkling bands of gold and diamonds. She had the man and the “I DO’s” were said and done and yet, she was watching him and her.

She twisted those rings on her finger and wondered.

“Have I made a mistake?”

© T. Blackmon, Jr.

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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