Writer Highlight Featuring – Heath Brougher


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

Electrical Juice

Pigeon wings hang in the dusty blood-dripping air;
they dangle flutterless, dead, from the wires of the powerlines—

the electric crucifixes of suburbia—

a quaint sacrifice of a wide religion in a swarming town;
suspended now, heart only half a heart;

those flying things met spontaneous death;

the giants of the past seemed tiny and mere—

“how can you live like this?” whistled through the breeze;

the bird slumped motionless, hanging
over the street as the crackle
of intermittent voltage continued;

chaos and interruption reigned, pressed on the day
with their heavy clamor so dense that, having nowhere else to go,
grew into the sky, disrupting the navigation of airborne things—
things once magnanimous and immune
now subject to cloaked impiety—the bird slumped, as in half,
hanging, dangling on the wire above the street
as that crackle of intermittent voltage carried on.

© Heath Brougher

Response to our Inspiration Call on March 28, 2017

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  1. Thank you very much for publishing this. It is greatly appreciated.


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