Author Lyne Beringer – A Song About Nothing At All Really


I wish I could sing you that song

The one that is way overdue

I started to write it for me

Somehow it became about you

I wrote down all of my thoughts

Words filled with rhythm and verse

Couldn’t coax out all the emotions

Although they were often rehearsed

It was all about life and its meaning

Became about nothing at all

Just when the melody hit me

My mind took a terrible fall

Please forgive my lack of sincerity

Lines of a hero and maiden in love

If a cliff was as close as I’d like it

I’d give that hero and maiden a shove

Perhaps I’ll go back to the drawings

Pinned to my musical board

Find the pitch, the rhythm, and timbre

Make a hit with a new musical score…..

©  Lyne Beringer


Excerpt from the book “Alaskan Vogue”

BeFunkyPhotoAbout the Author

I never thought the word “writer” would be used to describe me and the thoughts that tumble out of my head onto paper. It’s a new me, giving away words all neatly packaged up in rhyme.

 I have lived in the interior of Alaska off and on for nearly twenty years. Alaska gets in your blood. It lures you in then takes your soul hostage, becoming part of who you are, who you become. Every summer, the days are warm, long, and inviting. Tourists descend in droves, racing toward the next adventure, and a rich, colorful history provides plenty of businesses with trinkets to sell the Alaskan nostalgia.  Anything seems possible when you are standing outside at midnight and the stars are nowhere to be found. That is until winter rolls back around.

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