Author Leon Pryce – Soldier`s Night


My days are short

My nights are long

With steadfast faith

I must hold strong


As hours roll by

I patiently wait

The dawn of a new day

When the sun

Shall open its gate


So cold and lonely

At times I feel

I`m a warrior of the night

Without arms and shield


Yet I stand firm

In danger`s eyes

Withstanding the blows

Of the cold, cold night


With God by my side

I braved the weather`s force

Executing my duty

With unswerving course


I stand to my feet

Till morning is light

The night is over

I`ve fought a good soldier`s fight


© Leon Pryce

Immortalized Through Poetry

Excerpt from the book “Immortalized Through Poetry”


About the Author

Leon Pryce is from the streets of Montego Bay to the world comes a writer who is not afraid to express himself and let you know how he is feeling. Leon Pryce self-published his first poetry book titled Broken Wings as an experiment which turned out to be an astonishing success for a first timer because it out-sold his expectations. That experience has motivated him to wholeheartedly dedicate himself to another book project; a collection which will formally introduce him to the world as a poet with potential and power. A voice which cannot be suppressed, but will echo through the years to come. Immortalized Through Poetry encapsulates the personality of Leon Pryce and will give you the keys to unlocking this eccentric soul. He takes pleasure in offering you the parts of him which he is not ashamed of; that humble, innocent and modest youth who grew up in a small rural community in Jamaica.

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