Spotlight Poet: Chad Bittner Hurt


Photo Credit: Donna J. Sanders


The Hero


With a press of this button
the master plan is complete

A chain of events will be set in
motion that destroys everything

a crash to the systems, upendings
that will most certainly claim
the lives of the weak

Are you prepared? Will your skills see
you through? Will you and yours eat?

welcome to the holocaust
enter through pearly gates
leave your payment in one
of my collection plates.

the toll is higher this time
six million was ambitious
but nothing compares
to the seven point
nine billion that
will meet their

they will languish in the torturous
flow of money, get their feet
wet enough to see, wish
to swim but instead
will always be
in it

we are sick, blind,
arguing over how
and why, but
not doing

whip cracks sound as clock punches,
video game music, mouse clicks

the sky has already fallen
I so long ago pushed the button
my plan worked, we are doomed
and unconscious.

I’m happy to tell
you how down to the
tiniest detail of injected
“medicines” chemtrails, fluoride
water, brain changing food, and
the web of worldwide worship
with my face dominating
every altar

You have your work cut out for you

I am the champion here

I’ve created a congregation grateful
for a lack of choice and crumbs,
will do anything I say to protect
the devastation they scurry in,
broken bodies i afford them.

You and your few are my new game
soon to be stars of the Colosseum

do your best
perhaps even earn
your freedom because
I assure you now more
than ever the people
need you to be
the villain


© Chad Bittner Hurt

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”



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