Featured Writer: Matthew Mitchell

Red Dragon

Taking bite’s out of fools like my name was Francis Dolarhyde,
I can see my transformation reflected back at me through glassy eyes,
I’m a horror, I’m abhorrent look upon me you will surely die,
I’m a different kind of being more like a dragon wearing a disguise,
these guys have no idea the changes yet to come,
becoming something of a devil who revels with women clothed in sun,
what have I done screams inside of me while I silently arrange people for fun,
happy times recorded in my mind of others times because I have none,
I don’t know son these grams are catching up to me,
I keep slipping back and forth between my personalities,
blind opportunity’s arise that keep the serpent off me,
but everything’s changing and it’s becoming harder to control his identity,
definitely no other option I must consume the dragon,
damn him he’s inside me completely I can’t control the passion,
it makes me want to destroy perfect things and leave them there for the trash men,
my idols suffer from wendigo syndrome eating faces with faceless compassion,
the dragons all I am now I’ve been given my direction,
I’m gonna slide real slow with a knife all up in his soft midsection,
disappear in the dead of night a family left lying in sections,
I don’t consider how this will all end the dragon needs no protection.

© Matthew Mitchell

PSX_20170212_131633 About the Author

I have seen the bottom and I’ve rested at the top. I’ve endured a lot of hardship and I’ve encompassed a lot of light. I’m trying to go to school to be a therapist so I can help people. I have 6 children and I’m trying to leave behind a legacy that will endure the tests of time. I want to be able to inspire hope in a world devoid of it. My name is Matthew and I would like to share my stories.

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