About the Author: Meet Philip Elliott


About the Author

Philip Elliott

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of  Dreaming in Starlight by Author Philip Elliott.

Philip Elliott was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1993 and quickly started scribbling nonsense. He’s the founder and editor-in-chief of Into the Void Magazine, and his own writing can be found in various journals in 9 countries, such as Otoliths, Scarlet Leaf Review, Foliate Oak, Revista Literariedad and Flash Fiction Magazine. He has a degree in Ancient Classics, likes to blur the boundaries between fiction’s many genres, and loves above all writing that is honest and heartfelt. Philip lives in Dublin, where he gets along better with his dogs than any humans, is finishing up work on a novella and much too many other projects, and is any combination of these things: fiction writer, poet, feminist, vegan, atheist, buddhist, minimalist, mindful meditator, wandering wonderer, punk rock fanatic & very loose cannon. Stalk him at philipelliottfiction.com.

Dreaming in Starlight Front Cover 2

About the Book

This brilliant debut consists of a prose collection of fictional letters from a deceased 26-year-old Southern American named Jeremiah John Watts (JJ). The people JJ mentions in these letters have a parallel to the alienated and confused dreamers, addicts and lost souls found in the work of the likes of Denis Johnson and William Burroughs, but JJ’s larger-than-life sentimentality as his past leaks out of his heart and onto the page puts this collection in some new sphere of perception equally brilliant but entirely its own. Gradually, the letters tell a fractured tale of a life of mistakes, heartbreak, sickness, and regret, but also love, faith, hope and perseverance.

Dreaming in Starlight deals primarily with the nature of the past and how it defines us, and questions whether or not we ever truly leave it behind. There are also themes of mental illness, addiction, spirituality and the ultimate loneliness of the human condition, and a chaos of juxtapositions, such as love vs obsession and time vs truth.

– Heath Brougher Author, A Curmudgeon is Born, and Your Noisy Eyes

Dreaming in Starlight Now Available

Visit Philip’s Author Page To Order Your Copy Today!



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  1. Congratulations on what should be a fascinating read!

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  2. This is going to be epic! I love the concept😁

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