Featured Writer: A.M. Torres

Baby Boy

I thought those were tears

When he brought you to me,

Your cries sounded faint

As I passed out again.

Oh, sweet baby boy

We waited all night,

My pain from induction

You were quite the sight.

You burst in the heat

On that summer day,

The incision hurt

But you’ve made your way.

You were sweetly wrapped

The adorable hat,

My precious newborn

Your mother loved that.

They all watched you

I could barely stand,

It could have been rough

You slept so well.

© A.M. Torres

16114216_10211501972693427_681925726885534340_n About the Author

Ana M. Torres also known as A.M. Torres is the author of the book Turmoil, and a few other publications. She was born in New York City, and is the third youngest of seven children. She grew up in Brooklyn, but currently lives in Staten Island with Walter Lewis, and is also the mother of two boys, Jason and Kristofer. She has participated in a few poetry anthologies, and in two poetry marathons.


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