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Queen Bee

Royal & regal upon dark throne concealed,

Within, cloying comb, waxen & congealed,

A pollinated haven of herb scented hive,

Workers to serve & to keep you alive.

Serenaded, seduced & heavily droned,

By your prince, with sting sharply honed,

To do your bidding, whilst floral spring is budding,

And clouds, into summer, go gaily scudding.

Honey-suckle, thyme & orange-blossom scents,

Seep through mysterious hive´s sticky vents,

Giving us a glimpse of jelly royal & warm honey gold,

And revealing secrets of your swarm, untold.

You may sting, & in soft buzzing voice, you softly sing,

Within flowers hearts, robed in pollen & muslin wing,

If you left our earth, life would go terribly wrong,

If we couldn’t hear your mellifluous song.

© Sue Lobo

Excerpt from the book “Wild Whisperings”


About the Author

Sue Lobo is the author of three books of her experiences in Africa, a poetry book “Africa My Africa” which is poetry reflecting African life in the terrible apartheid era in South Africa & “Lollipops of Dust”, her autobiography, of a child´s view of living in colonial Africa, in the Kalahari desert, with all the magic of what the old Africa had to offer. Her last book “The Last Dance” was published by Creative Talents Unleashed. She has also participated in eleven poetry anthologies with other very talented poets & has won a couple poetry competitions in Gibraltar & Spain. On occasions she has written requested epitaphs and elegies for families of departed souls. She is married to a Spaniard, with two grown up sons & presently lives in Spain. The sale of this latest collection of animal themed poetry called “Wild Whisperings” published by Creative Talents Unleashed will go entirely to Save The Rhino Fund.

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