Featured Writer: Matthew Mitchell



My own thinking has me thinking, an Oracle of self,
I keep Aurora close to me she’s the realest thing I’ve felt,
I don’t cry no more I keep it bottled on a shelf,
she says that it could kill me but I don’t worry about my health,
she says I’ve been withdrawing and I’ve grown remote and cold,
she said she sees it in my eyes to the bottom of my soul,
she tells me I need to find a way to get a better hold,
if I can’t find my peace I might lose all control,
she says that I’m a better man than who I used to be,
I tell her that she’s lying but she only laughs at me,
it isn’t condescending it sounds so soft and sweet,
I tell her that without her I wouldn’t feel complete,
she looks at me with sad eyes and only nods her head,
we’ve had this talk so many times so nothing need be said,
she pulls me close into her arms and gently rests my head,
I can stay like this forever till they lay me down in death,
she murmurs that it’s OK and soon I’ll finally see,
I just have to pierce the veil and find the good in me,
she knows that I’m a good man I only need believe,
until that time she says I’m like a man who cannot grieve,
she never lets me go as much as I push away,
she tells me we’re forever and that she’s here to stay,
I accept her as a passion that gently shows the way,
I cherish her completely because she holds my heart in sway,
we stay locked in a tight embrace afraid to say goodbye,
but these are only dreams that help get me through the night,
with the coming of the Sun I watch her fade from sight,
as long as she believes in me I know I’ll be alright.

© Matthew Mitchell

fb_img_1485283487050About the Author

I have seen the bottom and I’ve rested at the top. I’ve endured a lot of hardship and I’ve encompassed a lot of light. I’m trying to go to school to be a therapist so I can help people. I have 6 children and I’m trying to leave behind a legacy that will endure the tests of time. I want to be able to inspire hope in a world devoid of it. My name is Matthew and I would like to share my stories.

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  1. an absolutely outstanding piece. I completely understood your sentiment. I thank you for sharing this honest, amazing writing.


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