Author Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.: Extinguished to Silence


Flames dance upward

communication, the wood to keep

the fire reasonable and burning

warmth insulates from the chill of

ordinary circumstances

tips reaching out and gently reassures

anticipating passionate exchanges-

intimately sharing dialogue

fire-part of the essence of relationships

seeking closeness and safety-not being alone

essential to connect and sustain

when I speak the communal flame rages out of

control-reducing to ash the intention of thoughts

so silence snuffs out the caressing embers,

the frigid night engulfs and claims victory

can the light of day speak in our place?

fearful to attempt to start another conversation

when the sun runs to the other side of the world

knowing if is lit, arms that burn will grab and take hold,

searing and melting flesh-letting you know who is in control

prisoner to the fire’s influence

slave to the hypnotic flickering and suffocating smoke

marking you-

silence burns . . .


© Nolan P. Holloway Jr.

Nathan Holloway Book

Excerpt from the book “Journey To The Poetic Light”

Nathan Holloway

About the Author

Nolan P. Holloway, Jr. has been writing poetry since 2011. It was something that just started spontaneously. And the poems continued to flow. In 2012 the first book, “Into My Rotation, A Collection of Scribes” was published. This work is his next project and shows his growth as a poet. He is enjoying this stage of his life and his granddaughters, Brielle and Ari Vaughn.

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