Introducing Urban Truth “Urban Gnosticism – Poet to an apostle of self”


Preface . . .

 Welcome to my journey upon the path to find self, a path filled with ingested reality most cannot see, a dusty old road that lead me on an internal resonance to synchronicity.

This intern-all view was and continues to be the hardest and most beautiful thing eye could go through, for the ease in which most coast through life in a state of repetition is vast, the choice to look within is full of pain, self-doubts, crumbling of untruths, in a sense it is the act of self-destruction to a new construction.

To stand before true un-known self and ask who am eye, before the constructs of society define our very essence, is daunting just to write, never mind live through. But here we are, me regurgitating all angles of my path of self…

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