Writer Highlight Featuring: Edwin Kolpack












Searching for the answers, is a life long journey,


Constant with time and spaces.


Knowing why, is half of the trip we all take, on the pathway’s to our mysterious destined places.


The clues of life cannot be found in the planning of our goals, measured by our failures,or success,

Nor by the roads we take,


The evidence”

Is clear right before our own eyes, and in the air we breathe,

With the will to endure,

Each and every step that we take.


Life is no mystery,


Sherlock Holmes would agree, “To be alive” is all the proof that we will ever need to know,


All those clues are just the lessons, that we will learn along the way,


“Case solved”


“Elementary, my dear



“Case closed”

© Edwin Kolpack

Response to our Inspiration Call on November 2nd, 2016



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Photo credit: © pixabay.com

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