The Night of Nights – Author Billy Charles Root


A seemingly unending day

Finally gives way to the night

A father comes home to no one

Flips on a dim room light


The quietness of the loneliness

Is too much to endure

Powers up the TV

And a can of Dinty Moore


The little ones did not greet him

Caused the re-breaking of his heart

Thoughts of life begin to dim

And tear his mind apart


Asking himself the question

Why am I all alone?

Longing for the little ones affection

Ushered the ringing of the phone.


With a weary hello did he answer

A sort of weeping on the other end

Guilty weep of the midnight dancer

He could hear it, she couldn’t pretend


With a deep breath

She let it all out

With her blow of death

She answered all his doubt


Another man, can you believe it

Months she said was how long

All this time and he didn’t perceive it

His sanity was now all but gone


He said he forgave her

Till he hung up and started to ponder

He may as well been told he had cancer

Drunk with fury, Satan did sponsor


Then a plan was born

The staples

Holding his heart together

Now bleeding and torn

Erase them both forever

The plan to relieve his scorn


Pacing and racing

Through the room

Planning the chasing

Of them both to their doom


And then a notion came

Rushing over his bloodied heart

A cleansing rain

Make one more call

Before you start


His father was all he could think

Dial tone now ringing

Hope he’s there and able to speak

His voice alone would relive the stinging


This time a strong hello in his ear

Sobbing man told of his evil fear

Father calmed the clawing beast

The sweet sound of father’s peace


I’ve heard that now days

He often wonders

If she knows of how close he came


And how he received grace

When he hand pondered

To bury them in their shame


And that she shared in that grace

For she too was spared by the father

And how many lives that night were saved.


© Billy Charles Root

Excerpt from the book “Pressing On”

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About the Author

My name is Billy Charles Root. I was born October 21, 1975 in San Bernardino California and was for the most part raised by my father In Rialto and Apple Valley California. In 1995 I moved to Oklahoma where my wife Tina and I have nine children combined and 3 grandchildren. I have been a professional automotive technician for twenty years now and I still am for the United States postal service.

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