Introducing “Shades of the Same Skin”

Shades of the Same Skin Cover

Foreword . . .

The bell pepper is a fascinating species to watch as it grows. In its youth, the green bell pepper is harvested before it begins maturity. It has a distinct bitter flavor that works best in a savory chili. In the mid-stages, yellow and orange peppers are picked but are not as popular as the green variety. With a fruity taste, these colors are better in salads or kebabs. In the final stage of maturity, the pepper turns red. It is sweeter than its predecessors and used to create pimento and paprika spices. One tree produces the same pepper in a variety of shades, giving us an assortment of flavors.

Humans are no different than the bell pepper. We are shades of the same skin, filled with flavors that enhance the diversity of the planet. Each generation blossoms with something new to pass down to the next and it is how we have a melting pot of culture. We have been grafted and blended over and over again; sometimes it is not that easy to trace our ancestral roots. But the heritage that runs in our veins is what makes us who we are. We take what has been passed on and fuse it with new traditions and ideas, adding essence to the cauldron of humanity.

 Lately, it seems as if the stew has become too bitter. The world is in need of a vigorous seasoning and it is why the poets in this book are willing to share their ethnicity. Each one will give some insight into their culture, music, clothing, food, traditions, and even share a few recipes. Some will engage in unique stories and folklore. Others will take us back to their childhood days and compare it to the experience of children today. A few will even welcome us into their homes to share items from their heritage.

 This is also a book of unity. Its purpose is to show that without diversity, the world would be a very boring place. The bell pepper has kin from the mild to the hottest variety in so many shapes and sizes. Each one has a specific use and our dishes would suffer without them. Each poet in this anthology has a unique style because of where they came from, their experiences, and who they are. Their words are printed on these pages to inspire why we belong. We are all vital ingredients for the recipe to keep the world stirring.

 Donna J. Sanders, Author

Contributing Authors: Catherine Ghosh, Gust Dimoulias, Ellen Zhang, Sue Lobo, Vincent Van Ross, Joan Leotta, Laura Marie Clark, Lynn White, Shirley Cooper, Christena AV Williams, Donna J. Sanders, Ryan Vallee, Nolan Holloway, David Hall, Rusty Shuping, Adam Brown, Don Beukes.

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  1. Introducing “Shades of the Same Skin” | The South African Poet¤Die Suid-Afrikaanse Digter aka SalamanDer
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