The Melody – Author Veronica Thornton

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Shh….Do you hear that listen
it’s the song of life you have to pay attention
Oohh as the melody moves me
I let the water caressing my feet soothe me
each obstacle in front of me
I stroke gently as if they were ivory piano keys
letting life flow through me like pure harmonic energy
kissing each chord individually while humming sweetly
reminding them of the song
that I intend to let flow through me
Oh the beat, what you do to me
undressing and seductively caressing me
waves on the beach waiting to give me relief
always remind me of my core belief
universally life is just a sweet melody
that you can sing on or off key
melodic chords and ocean waves
that’s all you need and songs will play for days
while bathing in the sun rays
you can see the footprints of your stress and troubles
just walk away
washed away by the crashing of the waves
never to be seen again
Aww that sweet, sweet sound
the kind that wraps you up
and makes you forget anyone else is around
keeping you hypnotized by its wonderful sounds
So dance and be free
no one can tell you who you were meant to be
now that you are paying attention and starting to listen
I hope I didn’t fail to mention that in life
regardless of your decisions
You are your own musician.

© Veronica Thornton

Vee Cover

Excerpt from the book “Universal Colloquies Inside of Me”

Veronica Veronica Thornton

Veronica Thornton a.k.a. Vee was always gifted with the art of verbal and written communication although she was never a big talker yet quite the observer and listener.

Vee currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio is a survivor of domestic violence and mother of two. In her youth she wrote notes to herself and others when she could not verbalize what she was feeling. Many thought her writings to be poetic and inspiring in nature. Her empathetic feelings caused her to keep writing later in life as a way to release all the emotions and questions that were presented to her that otherwise remained nonverbal. While most of her writings remained private it was during her educational pursuits Vee was strongly encouraged to pursue a writing career due to her versatility in topics, styles and ability to articulate her thoughts in a clear, creative yet relatable manner.

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