Fire and Ice – Author Adam Levon Brown

Ice heart burning with flames --- Image by © 68/Buena Vista Images/Ocean/Corbis

Image by © 68/Buena Vista Images/Ocean/Corbis

My mind drifts like the northern sea.
Ice chills my veins, as waves tumultuously
barrage my senses. Parts of me frostbitten with
the hopes of a new dawn. My heart as cold as the
arctic, it longs for romance and new adventures.
My only thought…Will I ever be rescued from
this desolate iceberg that is isolation?
I look to the moon and stars in desperation.
I cry out to the sky in my loneliness
and declare the world as my enemy.

Struggling for thoughts in this mental
hypothermic state, I decide to go to sleep.
A glimmer of hope resides within.
That small fractal of light could save me in the end.
Despite all circumstances,
I look forward to the new day….

A new dawn rises. With it comes new opportunities.
The ice walls melt away as ancient glaciers form
together constructing a path onward. My senses return
to normal, almost to a heightened state. I have made it
through the thralls of boreal isolation.
With fire in my heart, I march on, never looking back
at the ice which once encrusted my veins.

© Adam Levon Brown

Excerpt from the book “Musings of a Madman”

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Photo Credit: © 68/Buena Vista Images/Ocean/Corbis

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