Widow’s Weeds – Author Sue Lobo

Sue Lobo Cover

My blush you took with you, into your deep dark tomb,
Together with my smile, plunging me into bleakest gloom,
Your passing wrapped me in shrouds of your blackest deeds,
In my veil & mantle of darkest & blackest of widow´s weeds.

Please lead me away from these weeds of black sorrow,
I´ll inter all yesterdays & dance into life´s gay tomorrow´s,
To where tiny birds of light feathers sing in orchestral joy,
And echoing laughter can be heard from small girls & boys.

Enfold me in silks of mulberry mauves & soft lilac satins,
Adorn my forgotten grey locks in pretty paisley patterns,
I´ll wear loud floral hats in scarlet, on waving poppy’s stems,
I´ll gaily garb in Velvet lupine sleeves & golden daffodil hems.

I´ll dress in delicate lace & waltz beneath soft falling rain,
No tears, no more peeping from behind dark window pane,
I´ll embrace milky moons & laugh along with summer suns,
I´ll sing together with birds & with the stars, I´ll have my fun.

You’ve passed, you´ve gone now to that far & better place,
I´ll always love you, keep you near & never forget your face,
But I´m still here, still live & have my very soul-filled needs,
Deep in the earth, I bury with you, my sorry widow´s weeds.

© Sue Lobo

Excerpt from the book “The Last Dance”

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  1. This is simply beautiful poetry…there is such a mix of emotions here: your first stanza garners sadness and longing while your final stanza breathes contentment in knowing love will always be there but the needs of the individual must be met…moving on is important…gosh, i love this


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