Month: September 2015

Human Condition

The creaking, shuffling, wobbling & bumbling, The expulsion of air from orifices grumbling, The dribbling idiocy of those slips, rips & blips, All those secret unseen places losing their drips, The scaling, the balding, the yellow-hard nailing, The gummy toothless… Read More ›

The Art of Writing

Painting the imaginations With the color of words, Wave after wave Flows a discrete verse Reflection of someone’s beautiful heart, Genesis of someone’s extraordinary mind Line after line Leaving an intriguing picture behind… Dazzling the readers with the glistening web… Read More ›

Eyes of a Bird

Seeing through the eyes of a bird Always speaking but never heard Navigating this industrialized land My, how things have gotten out of hand Searching for remnants of a long forgotten flock Searching for seeds on this cold, desolate rock… Read More ›