Writer Highlight: Sue Lobo – Desperate Mothers

Old woman feeling depressed --- Image by © India Picture/Corbis

Image by © India Picture/Corbis


The world at times, was such a difficult place,
Scratching & clawing at the smile on her face,
Stones were hurled, & by sticks she was beaten,
On the outside world, there nothing to sweeten.

Marred, marked, & merely by living, so scarred,
Nobody had prepared her for a life, so very hard,
People´s smiles, replaced by granite stoned frowns,
At her, fingers pointed, by Popes, idiots & clowns.

Mere whore, walking the streets of downtown dust,
Doing what she does, & sadly, does what she must,
Inside her head she goes, to escape from the others,
To that place, understood only, by desperate mothers.


Response to our Inspiration Call on September 28th, 2015


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