Writer Highlight Featuring: Elizabeth Alford


What Do You Want, Crystal?

What do you want, Crystal?
How do you find your meaning in life?
Are you content to lie here every day
Til the weary sun takes you away?

Do you dream, Crystal? What
Of? Where do those dreams take you? Do

You dream of endless sunny fields, or
Of dirt trails in the deep woods? Lying
Under cold stars, or under my roof?

Who were you once? Something in your eyes
Asks, am I alone? I, too, wonder this. Is
Nirvana for me only? Or will you join me?
Tell me, please. I want to know…

Crystal, what do you want?
Really? What? No.
You just ate.
Stop it.
This is not okay, you JUST
Look, a ball! Want the ball?

© Copyright, Elizabeth Alford 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on September 5, 2015

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