I have every right to be angry
my skin as fragile as eggshells
from a past that has been tarnished
many unfair circumstances
and the chaos of the world
It’s so easy
to get frustrated
to hate
to take those emotions out on others
but I won’t
Anger is an exhaustion
I can’t afford to keep
as I prefer to find joy with my limited time
for tomorrow
or even an hour from now
could be the day it all ends.

© Donna J. Sanders
Excerpt from the book “Ataraxia”
• Also available on by Title

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2 replies

  1. We are humans and feeling angry is something we all experience. But we should not get stuck in it. For we deserve to live happily. We can not be happy if we are angry : ) great day!


  2. Anger is a form of caring and believing.
    Great day!


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