V, What is Real

Path To Serenity

Excerpt from “Path To Serenity” by Author Isaiah Barber

V, What is Real

Is this real, I feel
But still, what is real

All this sorrow
Is there tomorrow
Why does this sorrow
Follow into tomorrow

My shadow follows me
It creeps behind me
Could this be real
Or is it in my mind

The burning sun
Does it feel like heaven
Something, it’s haunting
There is something about the sun

When I walk out the door
I feel a presence all around
Don’t know what is real anymore
Something pulls me to the ground

In my life, good could enter
Why does it not feel good
It should, but is it real
Is something under the hood

Is there truly such a thing
Could there be a monster
Is it nothing or something
Perhaps there is a monster

Is there something watching
Listening, waiting
I need to heal
But what is real

© Isaiah Barber

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